more learning

not used to write in English but I’ll try to do it constantly..
sometimes I feel that the sense of time has change for me… speaking from a creative point of view … I feel that without enough time I spent more time listening music than playing it…despite this issue (don’t know if this is an issue) I use my mind as I’m listening music and imagine I’m playing it… and usually it works!!! … as soon as I get to my rehearsal room and I grab my guitar I feel I haven’t lose so much time because I’ve been playing in my mind .. it’s a bit difficult to explain but it’s true (^ ^)
well I’m still working on some drum patterns and stuff… next achievement will be my MMX medley!! and maybe some Kiko Loureiro cover

by the way now I’m using a Rocktron all access midi life has changed( ̄^ ̄)ゞ!!


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