Yuri Isobe CD Re:FIRST of ALL

Por fin !!!!! Finally!! Yuri Isobe Re:First of all CD arrived!!…and also her DVD!…

First of all =P….I want to thank you Yuri for everything..you are the best!…I thought it was almost impossible to get an autograph from you but you did it!..I will be forever grateful for that =)…you sent me to Chile your music so you have an inconditional friend on the other side of the world!!….I will write this in English so that I hope you can translate my comments easily.

Well I wanted to listen to your songs, and during all this time before the CD arrived I tried to imagine how would be your songs…last Saturday arrived and then I finally could play your CD.


what a surprise!!!! =D….I’m those who need to listen carefully to catch the whole meaning of a song…and Im very happy now because your music inspired me a lot to compose more music….I think you have the most important to be a musician: “something to say through your songs”

I’ve always found more difficult to communicate an idea with instrumental music because you have to convey all your thoughts and feelings without a voice…so these are my appreciations of your CD =):

Spicy doughnut: The first part of this is like a tempo game, is very interesting in that way, you can get lost if you are not focused…the second part is heavier !..(I like that part very much)…a moved melody I would say =p…yes I can say this is a “Spicy song”!..I don’t remember listening to another song similar to this one, and for me it is a unique piece =3.

Melon’s Garden: another moved song!!!!..I liked the changes on this one!! and then that soft chorus…a guitar that is always linking the song parts….and the Solo part…I imagine myself playing one of those solos with you!! =D. This song is very well played!!..and in your DVD you play that intro part..I noticed after =P

Moment: a title very well  chosen… it is not like those ballads that can last about 6 minutes or even endless..I think this one goes to the point very quickly, and that is very good!…so simple and warm..yes this is a warm song you can listen alone…so that you can enjoy the feeling=)

Orange field: MY FAVORITE ONE!!!!…I LOVED THIS SONG!!…today I listened to it about 10 times!! =P…this song is just what I imagine from your playing…it is so happy and also its heavier…and even nostalgic!!..I loved the verse part =P and I played yesterday (yes ! I’m learning this song!!) …if I go to Japan I want to play this song with you Yuri!!! =D!!!!!…this song is ORANGE and it is HAPPY!!

Cafeteria: this song for me sounds like gratitude to Brasil!! soft and very beautiful acoustic guitars played…yes, and I can’t stop listening to this one too =P!..this is the warmest song in my music library now!…this is a bonus, a real bonus track =)

I recommend this CD to everyone who likes very fresh and GOOD music…. you can find Kiko Loureiro influences on Yuri’s playing style but she has HER OWN PLAYING STYLE and that is stated on Re:First of All =)


In this dvd you can find a lot of interesting techniques in which Yuri plays a demonstration song, and then she teaches you techniques found in that song. Let me tell you that I’ve been playing E.guitar since 2002 and still learning new things on this !!!…Yuri shows you picking techniques (I’m learning one right now) very helpful to play with dynamics and with more “feeling”..and that, is one of the most important things to do when you are playing !!…she teaches very well, and you won’t get lost in her teaching I promise!!…I liked this very much and I want to thank you again Yuri for this DVD =)

Gracias amiga Yuri por todo !!!…next time I will be in Kyoto playing with you Orange Field=)!!!


Buy Yuri Isobe CD Re:FIRST of ALL here !!!!!!

Yuri Isobe DVD here !!

Yuri’s official blog: Extremic Days


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