Edwards guitar case DIY

Needed a case for my edwards …due to its shape It was almost impossible to get a case for it, so I decided to buy a flight case type and build inside of it the shape with styrofoam material…DIY!!!

20130426-114840 a.m..jpg
the problem

20130426-114906 a.m..jpg

20130426-114920 a.m..jpg
the useless space of the flight case

20130426-114955 a.m..jpg
case without foam

20130426-115117 a.m..jpg
copying and cuttind guitar shape….hot cutter!!

20130426-115232 a.m..jpg
cutting a space for tools

20130426-115315 a.m..jpg
ready to fit!!

20130426-115345 a.m..jpg
rigor test done!!

20130426-115416 a.m..jpg
and the final result will be after applying fabric 😉


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