Backer!! and new projects going on =D

Well, this time I have been working hard and looking inspirational things!.

The first thing I did was to be a backer for Video Games Live Level 3.. I didn’t know about Kickstarter before, and I have to say that it is AMAZING…if you can help projects to be a reality, you just need to do it….so, I had to do it because VGL is a great project…Tommy Tallarico has been working a lot to do it and I know this will be very interesting..I want the album now!.


Another good project was Mighty No.9…Keiji Inafune, the father of Megaman, is trying to make a new game along with Comcept USA…and that was just amazing!!!…I think all the people behind my generation and including mine backed this project and it is stretching new goals…just impressive how successful has been this!!




Im still working….a new medley, and 3 original songs =) please wait a bit more !