Megaman X medley cover uploaded!!!

Finally I have uploaded my Megaman X medley cover,

you can watch the video on Youtube here

and listen-download the music from here!



Video shot!

MMX video shot!!..Now making the video!!
A snapshot of it !!


Almost finished

Finally the medley is done !!!… has been a hard month but now it is finished… this week I will record a video before uploading the song…hope you like it ^^


I made this cover… let’s see what we get





long time no post!!… I’ve been very busy with work and arrangement…the other day I changed all the tubes of my VHT power amp and now it is like a new animal!!

those are old tubes…now BIASING

I left it with 33,2mA it sounds warm!!


I’m finishing guitar recording of my MMX medley, I’m very excited about it!! let’s keep rocking !


oh I’ve been working a lot…2 songs and too much work to do… I’ve bought a midi controller and it helps me a lot with arrangements !!

well time to sleep, working hard!!

hopefully I will finish these songs very soon!

btw a new visitor in my rehearsal room ^^


MMX working on!

Well Im still working on MMX medley….base guitars done!…thanks to my guitar equipment and my fingers =P


Imageoh!..Image I miss the Japanese coffee!! ><…I want those cans again!


Edwards guitar case DIY

Needed a case for my edwards …due to its shape It was almost impossible to get a case for it, so I decided to buy a flight case type and build inside of it the shape with styrofoam material…DIY!!!

20130426-114840 a.m..jpg
the problem

20130426-114906 a.m..jpg

20130426-114920 a.m..jpg
the useless space of the flight case

20130426-114955 a.m..jpg
case without foam

20130426-115117 a.m..jpg
copying and cuttind guitar shape….hot cutter!!

20130426-115232 a.m..jpg
cutting a space for tools

20130426-115315 a.m..jpg
ready to fit!!

20130426-115345 a.m..jpg
rigor test done!!

20130426-115416 a.m..jpg
and the final result will be after applying fabric 😉