Thank you !!!…let’s keep sharing my MMX medley! =D

I am so happy that my MMX medley has been shared by many Video games sites!!…I couldn’t believe that in about 3 weeks it reached more than 8.000 views!!!…Thank you very much for all your comments, I’ve read every one and I will answer as soon as I can^^ …I would like to play in VGL this year in my country, so please help me to get Tommy Tallarico’s attention sharing the video on more sites!!


Thank you!!!

I left a link on Soundcloud description (below it) so you can download the tune!

Megaman X medley cover here:



Mi banda Brainchild! listen!

Ok, mucho tiempo sin actualizar el blog…muchas cosas que hacer…he avanzado en el medley, he preparado los detalles de mi viaje…todavía quedan cosas por hacer…y estoy con poco tiempo y con muchas cosas por terminar.

Nunca dejé un link con los temas de mi banda Brainchild. lo dejo a continuación para quien le interese.

Escuchelo, descarguelo, pirateelo…pero lo mas importante es lo primero, escuchelo!.

En abril estará listo el nuevo single =p


more learning

not used to write in English but I’ll try to do it constantly..
sometimes I feel that the sense of time has change for me… speaking from a creative point of view … I feel that without enough time I spent more time listening music than playing it…despite this issue (don’t know if this is an issue) I use my mind as I’m listening music and imagine I’m playing it… and usually it works!!! … as soon as I get to my rehearsal room and I grab my guitar I feel I haven’t lose so much time because I’ve been playing in my mind .. it’s a bit difficult to explain but it’s true (^ ^)
well I’m still working on some drum patterns and stuff… next achievement will be my MMX medley!! and maybe some Kiko Loureiro cover

by the way now I’m using a Rocktron all access midi life has changed( ̄^ ̄)ゞ!!